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Over the past year, SA Health has been working with Shared Services SA to explore whether the electronic payroll system used for nurses (“ProAct”) can be expanded and used to roster and pay doctors.
SASMOA was recently invited to view the functionality of the proposed system and is deeply concerned about the impact for doctors in its current form.
Concerningly, not a single doctor was asked to participate in the steering committee tasked with developing the system. Unsurprisingly, the resulting system is not fit for purpose.
The system will significantly impact the way you record hours of work. These impacts are further outlined in the table below.
Shared Services SA are recommending rollout of the system across the largest and busiest units within SA Health after conducting a small and limited trial within the palliative care unit at NALHN.
Given the issues we have identified, SASMOA has lodged a dispute in the SA Employment Tribunal.


We believe: 
•    The system will significantly increase managers’ workloads, and
•    The system will facilitate wage theft.


SASMOA supports a fit for purpose electronic rostering and timesheet system, on the proviso that: 
•    All work can be documented (including calls/telemedicine, meal breaks and kms)
•    Medical Officers retain control over recording their working hours
•    The system does not increase the administrative burden/workload of managers
•    There is transparency of information sent to Shared Services
•    Doctors are not discouraged from claiming actual hours worked
•    It is not harder for doctors to check their pay


It is critical that doctors are involved in developing new any rostering and payroll system. 


We want to hear from you …
Please send your feedback to the SASMOA office at
Bernadette Mulholland
SASMOA, Chief Industrial Officer

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