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The doctors in SA’s public health system are working hard to bring all South Australians the best care we possibly can. 

However, our efforts — from junior doctors to specialists — are being compromised by not having the staff numbers and the time we need to care for you and your loved ones. 

Doctors can no longer silently accept a health agenda that compromises the care and safety 
of patients, the community and health staff. 




The State Government and SA Health need to hear the voices of all South Australians concerned about our health system.


You don’t deserve overcrowded Emergency Departments, ramped ambulances, a mental health system in crisis, cuts to health staff, and fatigued and bullied doctors.


Join us in our campaign for better care by asking the Government to: 


1.    Employ enough health staff to meet demand. 


South Australians should not be put at risk while waiting to access the care they need. How many tragedies will it take for politicians and bureaucrats to understand that patient care is what really matters? It is unacceptable to restrict access to medical care to South Australians when they need it.


2.    Put safety first by ensuring proper breaks for fatigued doctors. 


Doctors work incredibly long hours in often very difficult circumstances. It is not uncommon for doctors to work in excess of 70 or 80 hours over seven days, to struggle to get a break during their shifts, and then be asked to be on-call when needed. We need working conditions for doctors that reduce fatigue.


3.    Stop short term contracts that facilitate bullying and intimidation.


“Junior” doctors are employed on short term contracts, most of them only 12 months. This job insecurity facilitates a culture of harassment, bullying, intimidation, and exploitation. 


4.    Pay junior doctors for all the hours they work.


“Junior” doctors are routinely exploited by being expected to work before a shift starts, during unpaid breaks, and by working unpaid overtime. This is wage theft and is rife in SA Health. 


5.    Stop bureaucrats interfering in medical decisions.


Doctors are constantly being pressured by bureaucrats and management to discharge patients. Medical decisions should be made by doctors based on a medical assessment of patient need and not based on cutting costs.


6.    Stop the cuts in our hospitals, including to staff and bed numbers.


While demand for health services is growing, SA Health and the State government are reducing access to services and cutting staff and beds. Millions of dollars are being spent on the management consultants who are recommending these cuts. 


SA doctors simply want to be able to care for our patients safely knowing that we have the resources and the TIME TO CARE for all South Australians.


Please sign this petition and join us in fighting for a better health system for SA.


You can listen to our radio ad and download a Breaking Point poster

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