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This page contains the latest news about SASMOA's public activities and campaigns. Member Updates are published after being emailed exclusively to SASMOA Members. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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  • 2024 Specialist Medical Colleges Career Workshop - on 19 March the Specialist Medical Colleges are collaborating to deliver a free event where medical students and interns can hear first-hand from representatives working in each of the different medical specialties (link here)

  • Report highlights hospital beds and staffing task - key tables regarding staff and bed numbers in the Productivity Commission's 2024 Report on Government Services shine a light on why workers in SA's hospital system have been under such intense pressure (Member Update, 1 February 2024)

  • Adelaide hospital ambulance ramping is getting worse, but the situation is just as bad inside (ABC Online - 7 December 2023)

  • SA doctors' union raises alarm at Royal Adelaide Hospital emergency department crisis (6 & 7 December 2023 - ABC News, 9 News, 7 News, 10 News, InDaily)

  • New Regulations to make action on workplace risks easier (Member Update - 17 November 2023)

  • Pregnancy Advisory Centre to remain in ‘dilapidated’ building for months (24 October 2023 - ABC TV News, ABC Online)

  • Government not meeting test on Enterprise Agreement (23 October 2023 - link)

  • Record numbers of patients stuck in SA emergency departments - Almost 9000 patients waited more than a day in clogged metropolitan emergency departments for a ward bed last financial year (Sunday Mail, 8 August 2023 - PDF)

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital operating at 'crisis' levels as patient demand exceeds available beds (ABC, 24 May 2023)

  • SASMOA has won formal orders in the South Australian Employment Tribunal requiring the SA Health Chief Executive to instruct LHNs to publish TMO rosters at least 28 days in advance and to put in place a formal compliance review regarding the 28 day requirement (Member Update - 10 May 2023)

  • The Productivity Commission today released the Health section of its 2023 Report on Government Services. Two damning tables in the Report (recurrent expenditure per person and FTE staff per 1000 people) show why SA’s hospital system is under such intense pressure (Member Update - 2 February 2023)

  • Warning SA missing more than 100 trainee doctors (InDaily - 11 January 2023)

  • SASMOA is closing in on a win for TMOs, with the Department of Health and Wellbeing and Shared Services agreeing to introduce a new process ensuring TMO’s base pay is processed and paid automatically (Member Update - 10 January 2023)

  • Junior doctors build unpaid overtime case against SA Health (InDaily - 6 September 2022)

  • Minimum Standards for a Well Workplace - New TMO Charter Released. SASMOA has released a new Charter (here) which defines 15 minimum standards which should be met by employers to provide a ‘well workplace’ for Trainee Medical Officers (TMOs) (Member Update - 5 August 2022)

  • ‘Cry for help’: RAH ED doctors protest system breakdown (Monday 4 July 2022 - InDaily, 10 News, 9 News, ABC TV News)

  • The public hospital system is at breaking point, with patients being “treated on chairs” and doctors working 11-day shifts, an alarming review by the Salaried Medical Officers Association has found (Adelaide Advertiser - PDF - 22 June 2022)

  • Following years of under-investment in the capacity of South Australia’s public hospitals and the failure by the health administration to undertake appropriate workforce and resource planning, the health system is now at breaking point (Member Update - 17 June 2022)

  • Anthony Albanese to face demand for $5bn hospital boost at first national cabinet meeting (The Guardian - 16 June 2022)

  • Ramping delays outside SA hospitals reach record high as Premier calls for federal action (ABC News - 6 June 2022)

  • Fears of an exodus of hospital workers as many doctors and nurses face burnout (ABC 7.30 - 6 June 2022)

  • Friday 3 June is 2022 “#CrazySocks4Docs” Day, an annual event which aims to raise awareness about doctors’ own mental health and wellbeing (link - 3 June 2022)

  • Alarm as Critical Mental Health Service turfed from Oakden site (Joint Media Release - SASMOA, ANMF, PSA - PDF)

  • SASMOA releases 2022 State Election Platform (link - 18 February 2022)

  • Productivity Commission reveals ongoing underspend on SA hospitals (Member Update - 2 February 2022)

  • FOI reveals plan to slash $154m from SA Health spending (InDaily, The Advertiser - 2 February 2022)

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Just like any person doctors can experience the full range of mental health issues - anxiety, depression, burnout, fear, anger and more. CrazySocks4Docs aims to raise awareness of mental health issues experienced by doctors and make it OK to talk about them. It is also an opportunity to raise some funds this year for doctor-specific mental health projects. 

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