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  • The public hospital system is at breaking point, with patients being “treated on chairs” and doctors working 11-day shifts, an alarming review by the Salaried Medical Officers Association has found (Adelaide Advertiser - PDF - 22 June 2022)

  • Following years of under-investment in the capacity of South Australia’s public hospitals and the failure by the health administration to undertake appropriate workforce and resource planning, the health system is now at breaking point (Member Update - 17 June 2022)

  • Anthony Albanese to face demand for $5bn hospital boost at first national cabinet meeting (The Guardian - 16 June 2022)

  • Ramping delays outside SA hospitals reach record high as Premier calls for federal action (ABC News - 6 June 2022)

  • Fears of an exodus of hospital workers as many doctors and nurses face burnout (ABC 7.30 - 6 June 2022)

  • Friday 3 June is 2022 “#CrazySocks4Docs” Day, an annual event which aims to raise awareness about doctors’ own mental health and wellbeing (link - 3 June 2022)

  • Alarm as Critical Mental Health Service turfed from Oakden site (Joint Media Release - SASMOA, ANMF, PSA - PDF)

  • SASMOA releases 2022 State Election Platform (link - 18 February 2022)

  • Productivity Commission reveals ongoing underspend on SA hospitals (Member Update - 2 February 2022)

  • FOI reveals plan to slash $154m from SA Health spending (InDaily, The Advertiser - 2 February 2022)

  • A new Salaried Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement was formally approved by the SA Employment Tribunal on 2 February 2022 (link)

  • 'COVID Status Plans' for Local Health Networks (Member Update - 5 January 2022 - PDF)

  • Abstracts called for 2022 Australasian Doctors’ Health Conference (link)

  • Emergency: Children ramped outside WCH (InDaily - 24 November 2021)

  • Unions condemn SA government's new ad campaign, calling for money to instead be spent on the health system (ABC News - 15 November 2021)

  • Unpaid overtime 'embedded' in SA Health business model (InDaily - 3 November 2021)

  • SA Health reaches alarming new depths in survey ranking (Member Update - 2 November 2021 - PDF)

  • "28 Days" Campaign Has a Win! Tribunal Orders Employer to Comply with EA (Member Update - 19 October 2021 - PDF)

  • 'The system is broken': Nurses' damning evidence about WCH care (InDaily - 18 October 2021)

  • Hundreds of doctors have walked off the job, worried about the state of our health system and the pressure they're under (9 News - 13 October 2021)

  • WCH Emergency Department suffering its own emergency (Media Release - 1 September 2021 - PDF)(InDaily, 9 News, ABC News)

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Just like any person doctors can experience the full range of mental health issues - anxiety, depression, burnout, fear, anger and more. CrazySocks4Docs aims to raise awareness of mental health issues experienced by doctors and make it OK to talk about them. It is also an opportunity to raise some funds this year for doctor-specific mental health projects.