SASMOA was first registered as an industrial association in 1973 and is run by salaried doctors for salaried doctors.

  • Membership of SASMOA is open to all salaried medical practitioners who are registered with the Medical Board of Australia and employed in South Australia

  • The conduct of SASMOA is governed by its Constitution and Rules (see our Key Documents page)

  • The governing body of SASMOA is the State Council, which is democratically elected by our members annually each May.


You can read more about the SASMOA State Council and SASMOA Secretariat Staff below. You can read more about SASMOA's Members Services on our Member Services page. 


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The SASMOA State Council consists of 12 members, elected annually from each of the following SASMOA member groupings:

  • Consultants Group and Visiting Medical Officers Group (6 Councillors) - comprising specialists employed as Consultants and Senior Consultants and any Visiting Medical Officer who is employed on an hourly and non-tenured basis under the Visiting Medical Specialist Agreement 

  • Medical Practitioners Group (also known as the Trainee Medical Officers or TMO Group) (3 Councillors) - comprising Interns, Resident Medical Officers, Registrars and Senior Registrars

  • General Group (3 Councillors) - comprising salaried medical officers not included in any of the other groups.

The nomination/election process for the next SASMOA Council is now underway. See here for more information. The new SASMOA Council will take office following the Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for Thursday 13th May 2021.


(until May 2021)

David Pope.jpg

SASMOA President

Dr David Pope


  • Dr Samuel Gluck

  • Dr Ravindran Nathan

  • Dr Cristina Pelkas


  • Dr Catherine Grant

  • Dr Vicki Jones

  • A/Prof Julian White

Office Bearers


PRESIDENT - Dr David Pope

VICE PRESIDENT - Dr Samuel Gluck

SECRETARY - Dr Marc Agzarian

TREASURER - Dr Ravindran Nathan

Council Members


  • Dr Marc Agzarian

  • Dr Aileen Craig

  • Dr David Pope 

  • Dr Ben Teague

  • Dr Laura Willington

  • Vacancy for VMS


SASMOA's Council employs and sets policies for a small Secretariat. Our staff have a range of industrial, human resources and organisational skills.



Bernadette Mulholland (LLB/LP (Hons), BComm, Grad. Dip. Industrial Relations)


Bernadette has been SASMOA's most senior Industrial Officer since 2014, after commencing with the organisation in 2010. With qualifications in law, commerce and industrial relations, Bernadette has previously worked as a Solicitor for legal firm Lieschke and Weatherill, as an Industrial Officer in several unions, and with the Working Women’s Centre. The Chief Industrial Officer is effectively the Chief Executive of SASMOA and a key voice in all industrial negotiations and SASMOA campaigns.



SASMOA employs four Principal Industrial Relations Advisers, all qualified lawyers, who together service the doctors employed within South Australia’s Local Health Networks and community health services. Our industrial staff are passionate about fighting for the industrial and employment rights of individuals and groups in the workplace.

Katharine Webster (L.L.B. (Hon), BSc (Psych), G.D.L.P.)


Katharine is currently on parental leave. Katharine’s qualifications include both a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Science. She has 10 years’ experience representing doctors and nurses in the public health system, having worked for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation for six years prior to commencing at SASMOA in 2015. 

Ed Grue (LLB/LP, BEc)


Ed is a Principal Industrial Relations Advisor with portfolio responsibilities including the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Pathology and SA Imaging. Ed has qualifications in law and economics and is an experienced industrial adviser and employee advocate, having worked for a range of organisations over the past 20 years including the Australian Education Union, APESMA (now Professionals Australia) and the Australian Workers Union. You can contact Ed directly at edgrue@sasmoa.com

Tea Boromisa (LLB/LP, BSc (Psych))


Tea’s portfolio responsibilities including the Women's and Children's Health Network and Trainee Medical Officers at the Central Adelaide LHN (Royal Adelaide Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital). Graduating from Flinders University in 2017 with a double degree in Laws and Legal Practice and Behavioural Science (Psychology), Tea was admitted to the Supreme Court the same year. She started her working career at the Working Women’s Centre – a not-for-profit employment service for vulnerable women - working on unfair dismissal, underpayment and discrimination cases. Tea joined SASMOA in 2019. You can contact her directly at teab@sasmoa.com

Bronwyn Larkins (LLB, BA (Policy))


Bron supports Ed Grue in the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network and assists doctors across country LHNs. Bron graduated from University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of Laws and holds a degree in Economic and Welfare Policy from the University of Tasmania. Bron has worked in a number of unions as member organiser and has been part of the union movement since 1996. You can contact Bron at bronl@sasmoa.com



Jane Longmire is our Member Organiser. Jane has 12 years’ experience working with and supporting doctors across South Australia. Jane’s most recent role was as a GP Training Advisor at GPEx and she previously worked as a recruiter at the RDWA (Rural Doctors Workforce Agency). Jane has a B.A. from the University of Adelaide (politics/history), a Grad Dip in Business (Marketing) from UniSA and has worked interstate and overseas across a broad range of industries. You can contact Jane at janel@sasmoa.com  




  • Office Manager - Jill Short

  • Administration Officers – Joanne Haralam and Angela Britton

  • Communications Officer – Geoff Dodd

To contact SASMOA: 


For address and other details, visit Contact SASMOA Page