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The South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into Workplace Fatigue and Bullying in South Australian Hospitals and Health Services tabled a Report in February 2020 which recommended that DHW/LHNs formally measure fatigue across all health units (recommendation 6 - see Report here).
SASMOA understands that this has not occurred.
SASMOA finds the Departments’ inaction extremely concerning, given the findings that doctors are more likely than any other health professionals to be working very long hours, have fewer days free of work, more days on-call, more days without meal breaks, and are most likely to strongly agree that the demands of their work interfere with their personal lives.

SASMOA delegates recently met with representatives from SafeWork SA to discuss the recommendations from the Parliamentary Inquiry, including the development of targeted strategies and plans aimed at reducing instances of workplace fatigue.


SafeWork SA has provided SASMOA with their ‘Safety Compliance Inspection’ which will form the basis of their investigation.
The Department of Health and Wellbeing (DHW) currently have tools to map the levels of workplace fatigue across the health system, but are choosing not to implement them.
SASMOA has adapted a tool developed by DHW to identify workplace fatigue (‘The Fatigue Scan’ or ‘FScan’), which we are now encouraging Members to take.
SASMOA intends to provide the survey data to SafeWork SA to assist them in their investigation and enforcement strategies.
The SASMOA FScan Survey should take approximately 7 minutes to complete and will be open for three weeks until close of business on Friday 9 October 2020.
The SASMOA FScan Fatigue Survey is anonymous, but results will be broken down by LHN and Unit. We will update you once we collate the results.


We want to hear from you …
The SASMOA FScan Fatigue Survey can now be taken here: SASMOA FScan Fatigue Survey
Bernadette Mulholland
SASMOA, Chief Industrial Officer

25 September 2020

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