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“Crazy Socks for Docs” (#CS4D) is an annual event which highlights mental health challenges experienced by doctors and makes it OK to talk about them. 

Just like any person doctors can experience the full range of mental health issues - anxiety, depression, burnout, fear, anger and more.

The high-pressure nature of the job and some of the circumstances doctors are exposed to – not to mention working hours and conditions – can leave doctors vulnerable. Concerningly, doctors have a high suicide rate compared to most other professions.

You can read more about how "Crazy Socks 4 Docs" came about and the aims of the event below. 


History of #CS4D


Crazy Socks for Docs was created by Victorian doctor Geoff Toogood in 2017, who has lived experience of depression and anxiety. 


After wearing odd socks to work one day, Dr Toogood found people were talking behind his back and questioning his mental health. The reality was, his new puppy had been eating his socks but he was struck by the stigma and discrimination still associated with mental health and wellbeing.

The initiative – now a global movement – calls upon people everywhere to wear fun socks on the first Friday in June, to raise awareness and normalise the mental health conversation. You can read more on


SASMOA began supporting Crazy Socks for Docs in 2019 and it has grown each year. 


#CS4D 2023

In 2023 SASMOA and Doctors' Health SA held a major fundraising breakfast which featured guest speakers Hon. Mark Butler MP (Federal Health Minister) and Dr Ben Bravery (The Patient Doctor), as well as a Panel of speakers, facilitated by Paul Kitching.  The SA #CrazySocks4Docs breakfast event was the largest in the nation and attracted more than 300 medical professionals.

2023 Crazy Socks 4 Docs 084.JPG
2023 Crazy Socks 4 Docs Ministers.JPG
2023 Crazy Socks 4 Docs Butler.JPG
2023 Crazy Socks 4 Docs Nan Ben.JPG

#CS4D 2022

In 2022 SASMOA and Doctors' Health SA held a major fundraising breakfast which featured Dr Toogood and guest speaker Dr Tahnee Brisdon, as well as a Panel of speakers, facilitated by Paul Kitching.  


Dr Bridson is a mental health advocate and a psychiatry registrar and PhD student at Orygen (the youth mental health not-for-profit) and was named Queensland Young Australian of the Year 2022. You can view a short video about Tahnee here (external link).

The breakfast raised thousands of dollars to expand Doctors' Health SA's "Doctors for Doctors" program. 



Above left: Dr Geoff Toogood address the crowd

Above right: Paul Kitching interviews Dr Tahnee Brisdon

Left: the 2022 Panel

Below: Doctors Sally Kellett and Grainne Murray helped promote the 2022 CrazySocks4Docs day in the Adelaide Advertiser


#CS4D 2021

In 2021 SASMOA and Doctors' Health SA embraced Crazy Socks for Docs with a major fundraising breakfast which featured guest speaker Professor Michael Kidd (Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer) and a Panel of speakers, facilitated by Paul Kitching.  


LEFT - Professor Michael Kidd being interviewed by Paul Kitching

BELOW - Panel of Speakers, from L to R
Mr Huy Pham medical student at Adelaide University and representative for the Australian Medical Student Association; Dr Maria Gardiner Clinical Psychologist & Co-Director ThinkWell; Dr Katie Woodhouse, Emergency Medical Registrar; Dr Christine Lai Senior Staff Specialist Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Dr Penny Need GP and Medical Educator; Mr Joep van Agteren Co-Lead SAHMRI Wellbeing & Resilience Centre; Dr Roger Sexton, Medical Director, Doctors’ Health SA


Health Minister Stephen Wade (right) and
Shadow Health Minister Chris Picton


SASMOA President Dr Laura Willington (left) and
Chief Industrial Officer Bernadette Mulholland

The Advertiser - Friday 5 June 2021.PNG

#CS4D 2020

In 2020 SA health professionals and SASMOA embraced Crazy Socks for Docs, not just by wearing colourful socks (see video below), but with a series of video messages and other promotional activities. 

The Advertiser Friday 5 June 2020.PNG

Video Messages about mental health from SASMOA doctors

The following SASMOA doctors kindly provided video messages to promote #CrazySocks4Docs Day 2020. 

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