COVID-19 and SASMOA Member safety


Thank you to all SASMOA doctors for everything you are doing to keep our community safe during the COVID-19 health emergency.

SASMOA will continue to communicate with Members via Member Updates regarding COVID-19 and other issues. You can log-in as a Member to read all our updates on our Member website. If you are a Member and not receiving these emails please let us know.

There is also some information on this page regarding industrial and other workplace arrangements.

If you are a doctor and feeling overwhelmed then please contact Doctors Health SA - your own health and wellbeing is very important. 

As always, you can get in touch with SASMOA via and 8267 5151.


Bernadette Mulholland
Chief Industrial Officer, SASMOA

Health Care Worker Close Contact or Confirmed COVID-19: Return to Work Guideline

SA Health has issued the following Guideline. The guideline is designed to provide advice regarding managing health care workers who have been exposed to COVID-19 in the community as a close contact or while in the workplace at a high-risk exposure event:

  • Health Care Worker Close Contact or Confirmed COVID-19: Return to Work Guideline (PDF) - current as at 11 January 2022

CO-STAT PLANS for Local Health Networks

All LHNs use the term “CoSTAT” – a shortened reference to the term COVID STATUS – to describe their response to an increasing number of admitted COVID-19 positive patients in the hospital system. 

The response is summarised in matrix form which is called the “CoSTAT matrix”. 

There are five CoSTAT phases in a CoSTAT matrix. Each CoSTAT phase is triggered when the number of admitted COVID-19 positive cases reaches a specific level. 

When a CoSTAT phase is triggered, it generates a series of actions that are designed to move services and open designated treatment spaces to create capacity to manage COVID-19 patients. 

More information can be found in this Member Update (here - PDF) from 5 January 2022



In December 2021 the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment released an updated Determination (here) containing revised leave arrangements for COVID-19.

The table below outlines current leave arrangements following the opening of the SA borders. 
























15 days of special leave with pay available per service year for a full-time employee (other than casual/VMS). 
Special leave with pay is applied for, taken, and recorded in hours. Entitlement prorated for part-time employees.

Unfortunately the Office for the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment (OCPSE) has refused repeated requests from SASMOA for improved provisions for the medical workforce, including: 

  • Increasing COVID-19 special leave entitlements, including removing the cap for medical officers 

  • Providing paid leave arrangements for casual and VMS employees

  • Supporting pregnant employees and other vulnerable groups where medically advised to remain away from the workplace

  • Removing provisions around directing employees to take annual leave

  • No disadvantage to employees stood down due to workplace closure or deep cleaning requirements


SASMOA has campaigned for recognition of our members’ legislative entitlement to access Workers Compensation where COVID-19 is contracted at work.
Information about your entitlement to workers compensation is available through a previous Member Update (here).
Last year, SASMOA wrote to the Premier (here) seeking changes to the workers compensation legislation regarding COVID-19. The changes sought to protect frontline doctors from being compelled to participate in potentially months of litigation with their employer to provide evidence the doctor contracted COVID-19 at the workplace. 
SASMOA received a response (here) from the Treasurer on behalf of the Premier declining this requested change.
The current Government is of the view that the present legislation is not required to be modified as contact tracing processes will be able to identify “in most circumstances” if a frontline doctor who contract the disease did so whilst in the performance of their health care duties. This may no longer be the case as we move toward living with COVID-19 in the community, and SASMOA will be renewing calls for changes to the legislation.


The importance of taking leave has now been recognised in the revised Determination, which confirms that annual/recreation should be taken within 12 months of accrual and that continued rollover of leave accruals should be closely monitored to ensure impact on employee mental health is considered.


Below is a list of direct external links to official South Australian and Commonwealth COVID-19 advice and information. If you are a salaried doctor and your COVID-related inquiry is not answered on these pages please contact SASMOA.

Industrial/workplace arrangements for salaried doctors 

  • Office of the Commissioner for Public Sector Employment - COVID-19 Workforce Considerations - Provisions for Leave and Flexible Working During COVID-19 (link

  • SA Health - Infection control and personal protective equipment (PPE) advice (link)

COVID-19 General SA Information

  • SA Health - COVID-19 Health System Response Strategy (link)

  • SA Health - Latest updates on COVID-19 (link

  • SA Health - Contact tracing and exposure locations (link)

  • Current SA Activity Restrictions (link


Cross Border Travel - Interstate travel

  • General Information (link) ​


Cross Border Travel - International travel

  • General Information (link

General Vaccination Information

  • SA Health information (link

  • Australian Government information (link

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