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Clause 71 of the Salaried Medical Officers Enterprise Agreement (SMOEA) says that “all rosters for MPG employees must be promulgated to the MPG employees at least 28 days before the commencement of the roster”.


The SASMOA TMO Committee has identified that the failure of the Employer to comply with the 28 day rule is a source of significant frustration and disruption for TMOs who need to plan their lives around their work commitments.


The clause is very simple to understand. ‘Must’ is a very clear word with a very clear meaning - it is a directive.


When SASMOA members have raised non-compliance with the 28 day rule with the Employer during bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement seeking changes, the Employer has said there is no need for changes to the existing provisions and if there is non-compliance salaried medical officers need to require compliance.


SASMOA has now written to each the Local Health Networks to put them on notice that SASMOA will be enforcing the requirement to provide 28 days notice and SASMOA will take enforcement actions when compliance does not occur.

We have also made clear that any medical officers responsible for assisting in the preparation of the rosters need to have all necessary resources, including any non-clinical time and administrative support, to do the job.


To support the campaign, we need to hear about your experience with rosters.


Please complete the survey and distribute it as widely as possible to your colleagues. Change can occur if all Medical Officers work together to achieve it. Please click here to complete the survey.


We want to hear from you …
The SASMOA 28 Day Survey can now be taken here: SASMOA 28 Day Survey
Bernadette Mulholland
SASMOA, Chief Industrial Officer

23 April 2021

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